Located in the picturesque lands of Spoleto (Italy Umbria), Frantoio Forsoni is a gem in the art of olive oil, where tradition meets innovation to create a high-quality product. Founded with a passion rooted in the centuries-old history of olive oil production, the mill has become a landmark for culinary enthusiasts and lovers of exceptional extra virgin olive oil.

Unique Atmosphere: Frantoio Forsoni welcomes visitors into a unique atmosphere where the history of olive cultivation intertwines with modern production techniques. Ancient stone walls and traditional stone mills convey authenticity deeply rooted in the territory, while modern equipment attests to the commitment to quality and innovation.

Production Process: The beating heart of the mill is its artisanal production process. Here, olive oil comes to life through a sequence of phases that respect tradition, from olive harvesting to pressing and storage. Master millers, custodians of ancient knowledge, work passionately to ensure that every drop of Forsoni oil tells the story of the Umbrian land.

Quality and Variety: Frantoio Forsoni is renowned for its production of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, characterized by a rich and aromatic flavor. The product range spans from classic varieties to special creations, offering a unique sensory experience with every taste.

Hospitality and Education: Visitors are warmly welcomed to the mill, where they can participate in guided tours to understand the production process and taste freshly pressed oil. Frantoio Forsoni is not only a production site but also an educational center where enthusiasts can deepen their knowledge of olive oil and local culinary culture.

In summary, Frantoio Forsoni in Spoleto is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in tradition, discover the secrets of olive oil production, and savor the authenticity of a high-quality product.